As a Tibetan mining enterprise, Huayu has developed for ten years. Over the past ten years, under correct leadership by party committees and government at all levels of Tibet and strong support by competent departments at all levels, Huaxu has taken root and endeavored to develop on the plateau with clear targets and strong faith. Adhering to the core concept of “safety and environmental protection, high efficiency and progressiveness, golden commitment and Huayu quality, harmony and co-prosperity”, Huayu always dares to invest, apply technology, emphasize environmental protection and safe production and bring benefit to the people, thus wholly devoted to building up new mines under sustainable development and managing to “develop a mine to benefit a group and a region”. While continuously developing and growing, the Company is also making great contributions to local economy and society, thus achieving harvest both in enterprise performance and local economy.

Lay solid foundation relying on technology

  • We have cooperated with Class A design institute of Zhongtiaoshan Mine to carry out development and exploitation of mines and build up the “six major safety systems” of mines;
  • We have cooperated with Class A design institute of Jinchuan Group to implement design and installation of automation control systems for dressing plant, which has been brought into operation;
  • We have cooperated with Alliance PKU Management Consultants Ltd. to accomplish cultural development and strategic planning and design projects of the Company;
  • We have cooperated with Accenture Beijing to regulate projects under internal control of the Company;
  • For the purpose of improving tunneling efficiency of mines and guaranteeing production safety, the Company had spent more than 20 million Yuan purchasing 2 roadheaders and became the first TBM user in Tibet. Consequently, tunneling speed of the Company has significantly increased;
  • The scientific and innovative attitude in ore dressing technology has endowed Huayu the national-level honor as “hi-tech enterprise”.

Work in cooperation to build a benchmark enterprise

At present, as for the six mining rights of the Company, the proved reserves of lead + zinc, associated antimony, associated silver, and cooper are respectively more than 2.4 million tons, 200,000 tons, 2,500 tons and 30,000 tons. However, the current reserves of resources are far from meeting the Company’s need for high-speed development, so the Company still keeps prospecting and exploiting under present mining rights. In mining areas where fully equipped survey is in progress, geological survey is also developing smoothly, and it is forecasted that upon completion of present work, the newly increased quantities of lead + zinc, associated antimony and associated silver will respectively reach 1 million tons, 50,000 tons and 600 tons.

The Company has built up a mining development and environmental protection system with a coordinated process integrating resource development, geological survey, ore mining and dressing, and it has stepped on the business road of virtuous circle and progressive development.


Fulfill the mission of supporting Tibet

When Huayu settled down in the Longzi County of Shannan Prefecture in 2006, per capita income there was merely 400 Yuan, and nowadays, it has gone beyond 4,000 Yuan or increased by ten times in just seven years. From 2009 to 2012, the Shannan branch accumulatively paid tax at 200 million Yuan or about 70% of total tax income of Longzi. On August 27, 2012, Shaoshi Xu, head of Ministry of Land and Resources of PRC (MLR), visited the Nanshan branch of Huayu for inspection and guidance and highly praised Huayu in terms of promoting building of harmonious mining areas and local economic development.