As the “Work Safety Month” is just around the corner, Huayu launched the activity called “Back to Zero” oriented by healthy and safety, so as to reach the goal of zero death, accident or occupational disease and create employees with a safe working environment.

From being expected safety
requirement to the initiative taken on safety

“Zhimin He, an overhaul worker, is checking and repairing a circulating pump in a mine of Shannan branch. He is demonstrating us a pride of Huayu in safety management —— “lock out and tag out”. To prevent accidents during the process of checking and repairing, energy isolation and lock management is required for inlet valve, outlet valve and gate valve etc., and these equipment can work as normal only after being unlocked upon completion of overhaul, so that workers can start to work.”

Since mining industry is under high risks, Huayu is always paying high attention to work safety through establishing complete work safety alarming mechanism and emergency plan, strictly implementing measures for safety accident prevention and emergency disposal, carrying out regular safety checks on production lines, making sure rectification measure, responsibility, fund, time limit and plan all being in place, and always taking work safety as a matter of primary importance.

Some people might think the method of “lock out and tag out” as not flexible enough, since previously, such kind of overhaul could be resolved in just five minutes, but nowadays, just the preparation process including making tag, locking out and tagging out will take much more time. However, such awkward method can bring us with absolute safety. This is just a miniature of Huayu’s “road back to zero”.

To encourage every employee of Huayu to be a “hero aiming at zeros”, the Company insists on a 20-minute safety training for cadres on the regular production and business meeting every Friday and 3-minute safety experience sharing among grass-root teams, through which more than 1,000 employees have successfully transformed consciously from “I am expected to be safe” to “I expect to be safe”.

With the help of the activity “back to zero”, Huayu has upgraded safety improvement into a project of strategic significance and comprehensively built up a safety management system based on development reality and cultivated a large group of talents in management and training. Driven and guided by these talents, some effective tools and methods such as lock tag, duty cycle analysis and work safety analysis are deeply rooted in the hearts of employees and penetrated in the grassroots security management and production operations.