Work safety

Work safety is an important component of Huayu management, as well as an important guarantee to safety and physical and metal health of employees and normal production of the Company. In work safety of mines, safety management is inseparable with production management and shows necessity in protecting key productive factors —— man, production environment and equipment, thus bearing direct relation to economic benefit of the Company. Ever since establishment, there has not occurred any major safety accident, and for consecutive years, Huayu has been honored as “work safety enterprise” of Tibet.

Work safety management mechanism

During the process of production and construction, Huayu seriously implements laws and regulations on work safety e.g. Production Safety Law etc. follows important instructions by the central leaders on work safety, environmental protection and public security, adheres to the policy of “prevention first”, builds up the firm thought of “safety first”, carries out the principle of establishing “work safety inspection system, regular safety meeting system, safety education and training system, occupational hazard prevention system, and mine danger source monitoring and major danger rectification system”, improves safety management institutions, enhances safety management and level-by-level responsibility implementation system, checks and deals with accidental danger on time, completes internal prevention mechanism, endeavors to do a good job in infrastructure construction and guarantee key and critical parts, so as to keep the whole Company under the perfect situation of “stable public security being stable, production being in safety, environmental measures being effective, economy being under sustainable development”.

  • Work safety inspection system
  • Regular safety meeting system
  • Safety education and training system
  • Occupational hazard prevention system
  • Mine danger source monitoring and major danger rectification system
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