Social benefit

As a Tibetan mining enterprise, while developing at a high speed, Huayu is also taking efforts to build up green mining area and new-type mines under sustainable development to achieve coordinated development between the enterprise and the environment.

Concept for social benefit

Huayu is always holding fast to the principle of “two protections and three benefits”, i.e.: to protect the united and harmonious relationship with local herdsmen and ecological environment of mining area; and be in favor of performance growth of enterprise, local economic development, and income increase of local peasants and herdsmen. During construction process of Shannan branch and Lawu branch, the Company was attaching great importance to protection of rights and interests of local peasants and herdsmen as well as publicity and education of Han employees, so as to enhance employees’ awareness of environmental protection, national unity and respecting life style and customs of local peasants and herdsmen.
While obtaining economic benefits, Huayu is also prepared to undertake social responsibilities and repay the society. Every year, it appropriates more than 400,000 Yuan to counties, towns, villages and teams where it has established business; and it has invested in construction of the public health center and water diversion project of Baga Village, Wumatang Town, Dangxiong County, through which 75 people has been employed.
For years, Huayu has been playing an active part in supporting public welfare establishments in Tibet. Particularly, it strongly supports educational development in agricultural and pastoral areas and is highly praised by residents there.

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Harmony and co-prosperity

The Company is always committed to promoting economic development of mining areas, and takes it own mission to improve income and life standard of local peasants and herdsmen. In terms of public welfare establishments, it adheres to the philosophy as “no provincial boundary in public welfare establishments, and everybody is responsible for doing charities”. It will establish institutionalized and sustainably developing public welfare investment model in mining areas, aiming at greater contribution to economy and public welfare establishments there. No matter on which stage of development, the Company will always persist to promote economic and social benefits at the same time, actively participates in public welfare establishments, drive development of local economy and fulfill social responsibilities of an enterprise.

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