Environmental protection

As a local mining enterprise in Tibet, while maintaining development at high speed, Huayu strictly promotes resource development, work safety and environmental protection, focuses on building up green mining areas, and devotes itself to build new-type mines under sustainable development and realize coordinated development between enterprise and environment.

Environmental policy and plan

In the process of production and operation, Huayu strictly follows relevant laws and regulations on environmental protection as prescribed by the government, implements the policy of “prevention first protection first” and “development in protection, and protection in development”, and simultaneously promotes production, development and protection. Aiming at building up “mining area in harmony”, it improves standard for environmental control and work safety and manages to develop resources, keep work safety and protect the environment at the same pace. In terms of mine production, it sticks to make scientific layout and occupies grassland as few as possible to protect natural and ecological environment; the Shannan branch has built up a “China and Tibet leading-level” tailing bond strictly following leakproof standard; and in dressing plant, it adopts wastewater recycling system to realize zero discharge and zero pollution.

Huayu is also the first Tibetan cooperator in the project of Research and Demonstration on Key Technologies for Ecological Restoration in Tibetan Mining Areas, with mines in Zhaxikang and Lawu as test mining areas of this subject. This project has passed acceptance by Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC and popularized and applied among mines. Based on planning of this project, the Company will speed up construction of green mines.

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