Graduate and student

Graduate policy

The talents we need should at first conform to values of the Company, which is represented in four points: performance centered, constant innovation, go-ahead spirit and environmental protection. As for graduating students dreaming of learning and proving yourselves in broader space, your dreams will surely come true in Huayu.

  • The Company has jointly built up "talent training base" and "internship base for scientific research based production" with scientific research institutes e.g. China University of Geosciences, Central South University, Institute of Mineral Resources of Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences and Chengdu Center, China Geological Survey etc.
  • According to post requirement, graduate recruitment plan is formulated every year, with priority to excellent graduates of relevant universities and colleges.
  • The Company adopts differentiation encouragement according to capacity and professional level of graduates and provides externally competitive pay on the basis of peer graduates, so as to retain the excellent. Meanwhile, pay of graduates is determined according to their posts, so as to ensure internal fairness.

Internship system

"People oriented" is one of Huayu's corporate cultures. In such a rapidly developing enterprise, Huayu has enough posts at different levels in management and technology that are developing simultaneously. We hope that young talents would join us and achieve rapid growth here.

  • Through regulated management, interns can get access to Huayu's culture, relevant management system and work process to build up their sense of identify and belonging and cultivate and reserve talents for development of Huayu;
  • According to development requirement, interview and screening of interns are organized to determine the targets; with integration of majors of interns, training and guidance plan is accordingly formulated to determine internship post, business, appraisal target and schedule, and implementation and effect of such plan is followed and checked for timely and effective adjustment, so as to improve effectiveness of internship;
  • Interns are trained and appraised in corporate culture, rules and regulations, business etiquette, filed management and work safety etc.
  • During internship process, there are trainings with clear target and relevancy, scheduled communication and guidance with interns at specific subjects, and training activities in informal discussion and other forms;
  • Supervision, inspection and appraisal of interns are organized. Upon expiration of internship, those with outstanding result in appraisal can be selected for annual recruitment plan;
  • Graduates applying for internship shall deliver written applications one month ahead and go through entry procedures for internship upon authentication by graduation school and examination and approval by the Company. The Company provides interns with physical examination, personal files, accommodations and life accident insurance;
  • Interns will be arranged to corresponding departments based on their majors. Corresponding departments are responsible for training and guidance of interns in job specifications ands professional skills. HR will follow up performance of interns. Upon end of internship, the Company will organize corresponding departments for internship appraisal and handle procedures for leaving.

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