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Since talent is the most valuable asset of an enterprise, management of talent should be the key to management of an enterprise. Based on this, Huayu has established the medium and long term plan for talent recruitment and training, so as to highlight key talents (experienced based and practical) and develop critical ones (highly skilled). Huayu will retain talents with emotion, salary and career, attract them with constant development, and adhere to the people oriented management concept to build platform and create opportunity for achieving their value of life to the greatest extent, cultivate their sense of belonging and success, and make them to contribute their talents to development of the Company with pleasure.

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A hero aiming at zeros
As the “Work Safety Month” is just around the corner, Huayu launched the activity called “Back to Zero” oriented by healthy and safety, so as to reach the goal of zero death, accident or occupational disease and create employees with a safe working environment. Learn more