Environmental protection implemented mines turned green Development and protection are "neck to neck" in Huayu

As a local mining enterprise in Tibet, while maintaining development at high speed, Huayu strictly promotes resource development and environmental protection at the same pace. Ever since establishment, it has been strictly following relevant laws and regulations on environmental protection as prescribed by the government, implements the policy of "prevention first protection first" and "development in protection, and protection in development", focuses on building up green mining areas, and devotes itself to build new-type mines under sustainable development and realize coordinated development between enterprise and environment.

It is learnt that Huayu is also the first Tibetan cooperator in the project of Research and Demonstration on Key Technologies for Ecological Restoration in Tibetan Mining Areas, with mines in Zhaxikang and Lawu as test mining areas of this subject. This project has passed acceptance by Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC and popularized and applied among mines. The Company has established a department for safety environment supervision and management with four professional full-time staff; and each mine is allocated with staff for field management. Moreover, it often arranges staff to go out to study or based on expert instruction, compiles environmental protection emergency plan for tailings pond of dressing plant. In 2012, the Company invested more than 8.3 million Yuan just in environmental protection.

In order to improve standard for environmental control and work safety, and simultaneously promote resource development, work safety and environmental protection, Huayu has formulated strict environmental protection schemes and measures for each survey point and mining point, implementation of which is under strict supervision. "As a local mining enterprise, we stick to make scientific layout and occupies grassland as few as possible to protect natural and ecological environment in our production, focuses on building up green mining areas, and devotes itself to build new-type mines under sustainable development and realize coordinated development between enterprise and environment. Meanwhile, our plants should not be built in the neighborhood of the mass or land (farmland). We indeed expected they could be built in the nearest places, which saved cost and labor. However, during our development process, we still have to take account of local ecological environment and its sustainability", said by Yanping Wang, senior manager of Huayu.

It is reported that it introduced water isolation pump from Shenyang University in 2010, adopted wastewater reclaiming system, built up a "China and Tibet leading-level" tailing bond to realize zero discharge. The tailings pond was built up in strict accordance with design. Polymer water proofing materials were used to make polymer waterproof layer on bottom and inner slope of tailings pond, so as to prevent leakage of interior material and stop internal materials from influencing environment out of pond. The tailings pond was 10km away from the production workshop. Vice head of the production workshop Xinghua Liu said: "The tailings pond is founded in such a remote place just to be far away from villages, farmlands and grasslands. Under the slope of the cement dam, we see that not so much green water is stored in the pond. But in rainy season, the pond will play its role as the redundant water in it will flow back to the workshop for recycling". In the meantime, turf is planted on dam protection slope to protect ecological environment, prevent water and soil loss, maintain dam and embankment, restore ecological environment and reduce influence of internal materials to the external environment. In building of the tailings pond, over 31% of total investment has been directly spent on environmental protection.