Tibet Huayu Mining —— assist residents to strive to prosper

Zhexipeiqun, villager of Dexing Village, Ridang Town, Longzi County, Shannan Prefecture will tell everyone happily like this: "Since Huayu settled down here, villagers have become more active to participate in all kinds of subsidiary business. For example, they bought trucks for transportation in mineral development, and only one truck would earn about 100,000 Yuan in a year." Ever since Huayu assisted to build up the ore transport team with 69 trucks in 2011, villagers of 12 villages of Longzi Ridang Town have managed to increase annual income by 10 million Yuan through transporting ore and concentrate powder of Huayu.

It is learnt that ever since establishment of Huayu, especially during construction process of Shannan and Lawu branch, Huayu is always holding fast to the principle of "two protections and three benefits", i.e.: to protect the united and harmonious relationship with local herdsmen and ecological environment of mining area; and be in favor of performance growth of enterprise, local economic development, and income increase of local peasants and herdsmen. When the Company settled down in Longzi in 2006, per capita annual income of peasants and herdsmen of Ridang was merely 400 Yuan. Nowadays, it has already gone over 4,000 Yuan, ten times up in merely seven years. From 2009 to 2012, the Shannan branch totally paid more than 200 million Yuan tax or about 70% of total tax of Longzi.

For the purpose of increasing cash income of local peasants and herdsmen, Huayu has tried to arrange them to work in mining areas and relief the employment pressure caused by surplus labor. Since the Company settled down in Dexing Village, it has employed more than 300 local peasants and herdsmen, over 40 graduates and more than 1,000 temporary workers every year, thus increasing per capital annual income of Dexing villagers by more than 15 million Yuan.

Moreover, it has financially assisted local peasants and herdsmen to found stone processing plant, donated to Muqi Village of Shannan Prefecture in the sunshine roof project, made positive contributions in aspects e.g. transportation, bridge, drinking water safety and sanitary and medical services etc., and appropriated more than 16 million Yuan in total to public welfare and poverty alleviation projects in counties, towns, villages and teams in mining area.

"At present, we can not only profit through raising flocks and herds and farming, and sometimes we do some transportation work in Huayu's mining areas. Our lives are much better than previous days", said by Zhaxiqunpei, cadre of Taxin village committee of Ridang town, Longzi.