Greet the new year with song and laughter, celebrate the New Year's Day with colorful performances

In the afternoon of December 29, our Company held the 2014 New Year's Day Party in the Rongzhongerjia Auditorium with nearly 30 programs and over 500 attendants from the head office, branches and partners.

This party was full of colorful performances and constant climaxes. Pretty ladies of the head office started the party with folk dance "Good Days". Bright red dresses, peach pink fans and uniform moves represented the united and progressive spirit of Huayu employees and heralded future booming and lucky days of Huayu.

The following performances were in quite a variety and diversified styles including solo, chorus, dance, drama, poetry recitation, Sanjuban and fashion show etc. which intoxicated audiences again and again or exploded the auditorium with laughter. A group of Tibetan young guys brought their energetic dance "tap-tap for the young" in rhythmic music; a solo "A Woman's Choice" was started with a soulful prelude and made many audiences to shed tears; Sanjuban, to the accompaniment of gongs and drums, talked out Huayu in our mind; the poetry "Youth and Dream" wakened our memories and drove us to vision the future; a team of exotic dancing ladies were approaching with an Indian dance "Dance with Joy"; then hot ladies appeared on the stage and attracted millions of shutter sounds with a modern dance "Girls' Generation"; sign language dance "Grateful Hearts" silently interpreted what was the big love; and another Tibetan dance "Get Together" showed the hospitable and sincere folk custom of Tibetans with moves full of passion and power etc.

Pretty boys and girls of the head office came with a Fashion Show, which lighted up the whole audiences. Those seemingly carefree girls could barely be recognized at first sight after changing into flowing formal dresses and delicate makeups; while rough boys at ordinary times now changed into suits with ties, appearing on the stage in good spirits. Youthful combination, flexible moves, swaying bodies and handsome poses in calmness and self-confidence filled the auditorium with ceaseless cheers.

In the drama "A Chinese Odyssey" through ancient and modern times, the miracle combination of a master without pure six roots, a big brother with unfulfilled love, a second brother fond of women, a third brother disguised by a girl, and Bai Suzhen searching for her husband travelling thousands of li filled the auditorium with laughter with exaggerated body movements and classical lines.

Another climax of the party was the lucky award. When the host announced to start to draw the lucky man, the whole audience instantly fell into silence to catch voice of the host, firmly holding their number plates not to miss any winning number. When there came a lucky audience, his surroundings would come out with warm cheers; and when the luck was missed at arm's length, a lot of audiences would sigh with pity. Cheers and sighs could be heart from time to time, thus presenting a special funny scene …… In eyes full of hopes, there were totally 70 lucky audiences, who were awarded by senior managers of the Company with red envelopes that predicted lucky strike in the coming year. And games after all lucky audiences were picked up arouse audiences to talk and laugh again and again.

The 2014 New Year's Day Party of Huayu came to an end in the music of "I don't want to say goodbye" and sighs of audiences longing for more. Wish everyone a successful career, a happy family, sweet and booming days in the coming year!