Resource Development Center (the Center) held conference for 2013 geological survey project summary and 2014 geological survey deployment

In order to adapt to needs of long term development, reach development goals as soon as possible, and achieve better management of geological survey projects, from December 30 to 31 2013, the Center held the conference for summary of geological survey projects in 2013 and deployment of geological survey work in 2014, on which discussion and deployment on expanding achievements of geological prospecting and increasing reserves of resources were implemented. 22 people attended this conference, including the moderator Minyuan Liu, managers of the Center Jianxu, Renqing Li, Lihua Zhang and Chongyang Ma, and managers of each geological survey projects.

First of all, 11 managers of geological survey projects reported their own performance and achievements in 2013. Leaders of the Center came up with their solutions and guiding ideas against problems and deficiencies of each project. Afterwards, on the basis of comprehensive summary of previous geological achievements of each mine, responsible persons of each mining area reported their work scheme for 2014, and leaders of the Center made detailed deployment of next-step work of each survey area, thus laying down solid foundation for comprehensive and effective implementation of geological survey in the coming year.

It was pointed out by leaders of the Center, geological survey was a job in need of conscientiousness, and we might miss one possible clue even if we saved only one step or ignored one geological phenomenon, therefore, we must carry out every task in an earnest and responsible manner. For work of the next step, we should improve quality of geological survey on the premise of good control of safety and environmental protection, so as to guarantee reliability of geological prospecting achievements.

Employees of the Center said that this conference was a comprehensive training of all technical professionals, on which their expertise and management capacity were significantly improved through exchange. They believed that they would do better in future work and contribute to the Company with outstanding performance