Leaders of China Development Bank (CDB) Tibet Branch visited our Company for inspection and instruction

In the afternoon of December 8th, Conghuai Kang and Xiaofeng Cui, president and vice president of CDB Tibet Branch, visited our Company with relevant CDB staff for inspection and instruction, during which period, a seminar was also held. Chairman Jianjun Liu, general manager Pengju Liu, executive vice general manager Jianhua Xu and some other senior managers of Huayu took part in this seminar.

Executive vice general manager Jianhua Hu gave a comprehensive introduction of the Company from seven aspects e.g. development history, development idea and resource survey etc. Guangsheng Zheng, head of financial management center, made detailed introduction of progress of the "Zhagele survey project". Both parties carried out communication in details of resource development, mine construction and organizational framework etc.

Conghuai Kang, president of CDB, said that the solid work foundation and advanced development concept of Huayu had laid down sound foundation for mutual cooperation. In previous cooperation, Huayu had presented long-term strategic vision, reasonable planning, standardized management and professional ethics, which had left them with deep impression; he was looking forward to deep cooperation for further step, so as to make use of own superiorities, expand cooperation fields, enrich cooperation content, innovate cooperation methods and finally achieve the win-win result.