People uniting in one mind will remove the Mount Tai

On August 27 2012, minister Xu and leaders of Tibet visited Huayu''s dressing plant and tailings pond in Shannan. As one of the participators, I was filled with deep feelings.

I saw president Pengju Liu conducting rectification at mine in the hail, I saw conducting Tingliang Wang co the administration center to checking details of every reception process, I saw president Ping Wang, wearing a hat and dust, conducting workers to do rectification in dressing plant with Junliang Zhang, Kuang Liang, plant director Ouyang and Wenhua Guo, and I saw members of the resource center spending whole nights modifying report draft again and again (there were still a lot of people making their contributions silently, and here I would not give their names one by one but extend heartfelt thanks on behalf of the Company). In return, all of these were highly praise by minister of MLR, exclaimed as "shocked" by the chief engineer and evaluated as "wonderful" by our chairman.

There is a saying that life is long with only several key steps. As for Huayu, this step is crucial and significant to strategic development of the Company.

This gives full expression to an old saying: "people uniting in one mind will remove the Mount Tai", which is of great guiding significance to long terms development of our Company. To unite all people together, we must accomplish the following items:

Firstly, always keep in mind thatthere is no perfect man but better team". As for everyone of a team, we should never expect things to be perfect, instead, we should discover their advantages at first, think in their places, let everybody fully display his talents, and put the right talent in the right place. How broad-minded a person is, how big his career will be. Only through this, could we cultivate a united and invincible team.

Secondly,always put the target of team in the first place. Organizational target is above everything, which is an everyday saying in the army. Upon the overall target of the Company, all individuals should be subordinated to the general situation and learn to accept or reject. Faced with such major issues of principle, personal interests should be second to organizational interests, then we will achieve esteem by the others, respect by the organization and recognition by everybody.

Thirdly, as team manager, should take great pains to build up a platform with fairness and justice. We are often warned by the chairman, the primary quality of a team manager should be keeping a fair and just mind. Since the target of our Company is to build up a platform for every professional manager to show their value, as managers, we should establish such platform awareness in our mind and teach by words and deeds in practical work for the purpose of cultivation. Only through this, could Huayu become bigger and stronger.

Dear colleagues, in the next five years, Huayu will develop in strides, so I hope we shall continue our spirits of "uniting in one to remove the Mount Tai" as reflected in this receipt of the minister, fighting for establishing Huayu of a centennial and fighting for life of value!

Let's make our efforts together!

Group photo of minister Xu and some senior managers of Huayu