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Huayu, with lead-zinc production as core industry, is the largest lead-zinc ore manufacturer in Tibet, and currently running 3 lead-zinc mines. In 2012, 86.17 tons of lead-zinc was produced, including 28.62 tons of concentrate, and accounted for 9.48% of the national lead-zinc output. And in this year, Huayu achieved sales revenue over 100 million Yuan and paid over 15 million Yuan of tax, thus ranked in the front row of Tibetan peers and honored as one of TOP25 tax payers by the People’s Government of Tibet.

Concentrate product

We are the largest ore manufacturer in Tibet. Our ore products out of hi-tech based extraction have been sold to many cities and applied in a wide range of industries and fields. From mobile phone to ship, from mechanical manufacturing to energy industry, Huayu is injecting energy to people’s life and social development with our high-quality ore products.

Learn about high-quality concentrate products of Huayu

Lead concentrate powder

Purpose: battery, radiation protection, and pigment of antiknock agent.

Zinc concentrate powder

Purpose: die casting, mechanical manufacturing and fertilizer.

Copper concentrate powder

Purpose: electrical, electronics, energy and ship industry.

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