At present, Huayu has owned 3 rights of mining, including: nearly 200,000 tons of Cu and Zn in Lawu mining area with potential value forecasted over 3 billion Yuan; 600,000 tons of Pb, Zn and Sb in Zhexikang with conservative value proved and forecasted at 8 billion Yuan; and preliminarily proved more than 300,000 tons of metals in Caz. Total reserve is still under detection for further step.

Advanced mining technology

Huayu has accumulated rich experience in years of ore dressing, and it has acquired intimate knowledge of dressing process of oxidized ores e.g. Pb, Zn and Cu etc. The high recovery of ore screening and 150,000t dressing capacity enable Huayu as leading mining enterprise in non-public sectors of economy of Tibet.

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