Brief on the CPC Committee

At present, the CPC Committee of Huayu has established five branches with 72 full members and 7 probationary ones.
The CPC Committee of Huayu, steadily promoting party building through reform and innovation, has basically established the “one, two, three, four, five” party building and operation mechanism with Huayu characteristics; and through exploring the “dual-wheel driving” model for non-public party building, it has vigorously promoted scientific, harmonious and innovative development of the Company.
Facing the new circumstances and new tasks, in terms of Party-mass work, our Company should keep pace with the times, concentrate on crucial points, make continuous innovations and breakthroughs, so as to provide powerful political thought and organizational guarantee to Huayu’s development.
Main content of Party-mass work in Huayu:

  • Reinforce implementation of responsibilities to ensure party building work is planned, implemented and fruitful;
  • Complete party-mass building mechanism and constantly strengthen creativity and core force of party organization;
  • Implement “new generation cultivation project” and do a good job in developing excellent party members;
  • Carry out practice and theme activities for party members to highlight the exemplary role of party members;
  • Enhance functions of labor union to give full play to role of the party and the mass.

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