Development strategy

Based on the Tibet Plateau, the Company will, under overall planning based on scientific outlook on development, on the basis of standardized management, with focus on resource development and taking the capital market as the platform, speed up resource acquisition, enhance development, promote industrial development through capital operation and become bigger and stronger, so as to improve economic development of Tibet and make greater contribution to development of mining industry in Tibet.

Up to end of 2015, the Company will have obtained mining rights of over five above medium scale mines with high-quality ores through geological survey, M&A and collaboration etc.; it will have built up 3 to 4 above medium scale production-type mines that integrate mining and dressing; thus achieving comprehensive mining and dressing capacity at 10,000t/day. At that time, annual output value of Huayu will, according to the constant price, grow into 2.5 billion Yuan, indicating it becoming one of large scale mining enterprises in this area. According to plan, Huayu will have controlled resource quantities to 10 million tons of metal up to 2020, which result in market value at 50 billion Yuan or profit and tax at 2 billion Yuan, thus making greater contribution to social and economic development in Tibet.