Mission, vision, and value

Drive leapfrog development of Tibet, strictly and simultaneously promote resource development, work safety and environmental protection, focus on building up green mining areas, devote itself to build new mines under sustainable development, realize coordinated development between enterprise and environment, and create long period value.

  • We work on mining to serve development of Chinese economy;
  • We achieve the value of the Company through reasonable and efficient survey, mining and dressing;
  • We are aware that resources are limited, so we shall achieve efficient survey, mining and dressing through advanced and new technologies;
  • We care for long period value of the Company, not short period interest.
  • We believe, undertaking social responsibilities, protecting the environment, and joining hands with stakeholders for mutual benefits is the way to achieve our long period value.

Our vision is to grow into a global first-class mining enterprise and fulfill our dream of centennial Huayu.

Our commitments:

  • Huayu is concentrating all resources and capacities on mining industry and will not develop in irrelevant or diversified fields;
  • Huayu firmly believes that employees is the key to realizing long period value, therefore, Huayu will create employees with more and better opportunities to take their part in achieving the Company’s vision and their individual value;
  • Huayu is committed to growing into the best listed mining company in Tibet and determined to become a model of the industry;
  • Huayu will cultivate and build a team with sense of responsibility, spirit of undying devotion and definite goals.

Value: safety, environmental protection, high efficiency, golden commitment and Huayu quality, harmony and co-prosperity

Huayu adheres to the principle of “two protections and three favorables”, i.e.:

  • to protect the united and harmonious relationship with local herdsmen;
  • to protect ecological environment of mining area;
  • be in favor of performance growth of enterprise;
  • be in favor of local economic development;
  • be in favor of income increase of local peasants and herdsmen.

(Ⅰ) Safety and environmental protection

1.Safety: safety first We cherish life and health of every employee, which are priceless;
Safety and work safety comes first in all work of mining companies;
Safety must be developed into a culture deeply rooted in the heart of Huayu’s employees and worth of constant craving of them.

2.Duty bounded to protect the environment
We have been aware of possible influence upon the environment during the process of mine development;
We are taking all advanced technical measures to minimize the harm to the environment;
Huayu promises to restore deteriorated vegetation due to mine development; and to alleviate excessive use of water resources through measures like water circulation.

(Ⅱ) Be efficient and progressive

Cultivate an efficient and progressive team

1.We believe that “there is only perfect team rather than perfect individual”;

2.Be effective and efficient. High efficiency of an individual is not equal to that of a whole team. What is pursued by Huayu is the high efficiency of team;

3.Be progressive means to keep the spirit of pioneering and never surrendering. Huayu is devoted in mining industry, processes of which e.g. survey, mining and dressing etc. all show inherent features, especially the first, full of hardships and risks both in the course and consequence. Therefore, for people of Huayu, only depending on the spirit of pioneering could sustainable development of the Company be achieved.

(Ⅲ) Golden commitment and Huayu quality: keep the commitment and keep the Huayu quality

1.“Before pursuing one's career, be a decent man first”. Integrity is the foundation for conducting oneself and doing business. Based on the principle of keeping integrity, Huayu keeps its promises, advocates high morality and emphasizes quality. According to “golden commitment and Huayu quality”, employees and products should be the same as name of the Company, beautiful, precious and worth treasuring. Based on this, the Company is confident to live up to be a “fine jade” in terms of morality, behavior and trade.

2. “Golden commitment and Huayu quality” contains internal and external implications: internally, oriented by people, Huayu treasures employees as valuable wealth and treats all employees in good faith. Externally, Huayu emphasizes business credit and ethics and treats business partners in good faith.

(Ⅳ) Harmony and co-prosperity: come along in harmony and prosper together

1.The first connotation of harmony and co-prosperity is win-win and multi-win: under guidance of policies by the Party and the government, Huayu shall lead all employees, Tibetans, customers and relevant units, on the road to the rise of China and in the atmosphere of harmony, to jointly march towards co-prosperity, so as to make contribution to prosperity of China, especially economic building, and achieve the result of win-win or multi-win;

2.The second connotation is social responsibility as an enterprise: while creating profits and being responsible for shareholders’ interests, Huayu takes responsibilities for employees, host community, suppliers and the environment; and it earnestly performs social responsibilities as a corporate citizen and repays the society in various ways like charities;

3.The third connotation is mines in harmony: Huayu lays emphasis on responsibilities for other stakeholders e.g. the aborigines etc. and endeavors to build harmony of mines.

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