About Huayu

Tibet Huayu Mining Co., Ltd., founded in 2002 with registered capital at 468 million Yuan, is mainly engaged in development, processing, sales of non-ferrous metals e.g. lead, zinc and copper etc. and survey of solid mineral resources has Grade B qualification for survey of solid mineral resources. At present, it has several rights of mining and prospecting, covering two mines proved above large scale and one above medium scale.

Currently, with total assets over 1 billion Yuan, the Company is also in the front row of mining enterprises in the mining area in terms of proved resource quantity, mining and dressing capacity and profitability, and has been honored as advanced enterprise in tax paying and work safety in Tibet for consecutive years. The Company has built up a complete mining development system with a coordinated process integrating resource development, geological survey, ore mining and dressing, and it has stepped on the business road of virtuous circle and progressive development.

Party-mass and labor union

At present, the CPC Committee of Huayu has established five branches with 72 full members and 7 probationary ones.

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Into the plateau’s “Huayu” culture
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